Professional quality assurance service

As a wholesaler in high-quality products, Groep Brecht World-Wide Quality in Meat keeps its processing, storage and distribution under its own management. When the meat arrives in our warehouse it is inspected by our professional quality assurance assistants in terms of quality and specifications. The fresh meat is then professionally processed by our own personnel into the semi-finished products required and frozen in special quick freeze tunnels.
Groep Brecht is BRC-certified and works with its own quality assurance service. Our quality assurance staff have their own well equipped laboratory and guarantee the quality of our meat on a daily basis.

BRC certified

Groep Brecht World-Wide Quality in Meat has an A grade BRC certification. This is a standard that was drawn up by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). BRC certification guarantees that work is carried out according to strict quality standards.

Groep Brecht received BRC Grade A for both Food Safety (with additional module ‘Trader’) and for Storage & Distribution. Customers worldwide can be assured that Groep Brecht controls its corporate processes and that food safety is guaranteed.

QS Certification

QS Stands for Qualität und Sicherheit fur Lebensmittel vom Erzeuger bis zum Verbraucher. The QS certification system is set up by the German food industry. Regarding the meat sector the QS system requires quality control throughout the entire chain, from birth to slaughter and processing. Traceability of raw materials and transparency of production are important elements. Animal protection is also part of this. The rules apply to German and imported products.

Groep Brecht is QS certified.

Skal certificate

Groep Brecht is moreover in possession of Skal certificate. The object of the Skal foundation is to offer consumers certainty that a product with an “organic” label really was produced organically.