Frozen Beef Products

Groep Brecht World-Wide Quality in Meat imports and distributes a wide assortment of beef for the foodservice, retail and industrial sectors.

We have among others the following products in our range that fits Asian cuisine.

  • Teppanyanki Beef
  • Babytops
  • Carpaccio

For a complete overview, please contact the sales department.

Beef Shin Shank Cuts

  • Beef shin (bone-in / boneless)
  • Beef shank (bone-in / boneless)

Beef Hindquarters Cuts

  • Beef topside
  • Beef silverside (with / without eye round)
  • Beef knuckle
  • Beef full rump (heart rump / rump cap / rump tail)

Beef Flanks Cuts

  • Beef flanks
  • Beef brisket
  • Beef breast bones

Beef Forequarter Cuts

  • Beef robbed
  • Beef neck / chuck (neck bones)
  • Beef shoulder